Keswick Hall Charity will consider applications for grants from organisations or individuals in the following major areas:

  • grants for in-service and initial training of teachers of religious education.
  • providing resources for use by teachers of religious education.
  • research and development in religious education.
  • projects that meet the overall objects of the trust [these can be found on the home page of this website].

To apply for a grant, complete the relevant online form below and this will be sent to the trustees for consideration.

  • Personal Grant Applications are only considered in July each year.
  • Organisation Grant Applications are considered in March, July and November each year.

Nov 2023 Grant Terms and Conditions POLICY

Online Forms:

When completing the forms please include the ‘full name’ when requested to provide the ‘name known by’.

Personal Grant Application Form   Organisation Grant Application Form

Dates for the Submission of Grant Applications – applications received after these deadline dates will not be considered:

Personal Grants:
No further applications will be considered until July 2025 as the closing date for applications was 31st May 2024.
Applications for personal grants for retrospective study are not allowed.

Organisation Grants:
The deadline for the submission of Organisation Grants for the  July 2024 meeting is now closed.
The next date for submission of Organisation grant applications is:
30th September 2024 for the November 2024 Meeting.

For further information email