Promoting and supporting Religious Education.

Keswick Hall Trust works to promote and support religious education in all schools throughout the United Kingdom and the wider christian community throughout the world.

Who we are and what we do

Keswick Hall Trust started in 1981 and has the goal of advancing the understanding and knowledge of religious education by promoting and supporting students, teachers, researchers and charitable institutions engaged in the teaching of religious education at all levels primary, secondary, further and higher education.

The current objects of the trust are to advance for the public benefit education in any part of the world where the Church of England may be at work in such ways as the Managing Trustees may, from time to time, determine, including by:

a)   The promotion, encouragement and support, including research in and
development of religious education in Educational Institutions, including the
training of ministers of religion, by the provision or assistance in the provision of
instruction, classes, lectures books, libraries and reading rooms and any
associated equipment or resources;

b)    Promoting the efficiency and effectiveness of Educational Institutions and the
efficient and effective application of resources for such purposes;

c)   Advancing the education and training of people who work, volunteer or govern in
Educational Institutions, in particular those persons who are, or who intend to
become, engaged as teachers or otherwise in work connected with religious
education, in order to assist those persons to deliver a high-quality education to
pupils, students and the communities served by those institutions;

d)   The provision and conduct of a chapel and chaplaincy providing for religious
worship, care and instruction; and

e)   The granting of financial assistance to Educational Institutions established for
charitable purposes only.